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Friend Unblocks You On Facebook Messenger Does It Mean A Possible Reconciliation


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I am a christian and have Asperger Syndrome bear in mind. Two years ago, I had met a great friend on Linkedin, let's call her "J". She was a god sent. J and I would spent hours talking to each other about our faith, our shared common interests and family life and even assist her with tips in customer service her new job as a local resteraunt manager She even provide me with networking opportunities at her company (which was also my dream company)

Things when south when i started getting clingy, blowing up her phone because of fear of facing trauma after an incident involving the HR manager where i thought i had missed the interview a few months earlier and also due to my own childhood trauma and hold over issues from a previous toxic friendship with some with NPD.


The last times we spoke i told her i needed time to focus more on my healing, career and other projects. However she later started doing the slow fade on me then.


In our last interaction she just told me "Enjoy moving into your new season" then blocked me on Linkedin and her main facebook account. Last year on new years day i sent her a new years message on her public facebook account and she just said "happy new year" and blocked me on messenger but not the account itself.


About 4 months later i did repent to God for my idolatry and other sins in the friendship and helped me put my life back together and to heal(started attending church meetings to learn about self esteem, self worth, prayer and fasting, communication skills, boundaries forgiveness and reconciliation,elimaniting ungodly soulties) followed through on many of the promises I made, got a new job( at a different company), followed my dreams, traveled, made new friends ( helped me to overcome my anxiety)., faced the HR manager and the childhood trauma, wrote more poetry learn to deal with conflict and journaling. However in December I noticed J had unblocked me on Facebook messenger on her public account but not the other account and Linkedin (atleast not yet).

Does this mean that J is keeping an open mind to the possibility of a reconcilliation at some point or should i messege J to make amends and tell of all the changes God made in my life? But I am worried she may block me again what should I do? Or this maybe a breadcrumb or a test from her to see how I react if she relax the boundary

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It would be best to heed her advice to move on. Join an online bible study group so you cab express yourself, socialize and make new friends.

In our last interaction she just told me "Enjoy moving into your new season" then blocked me on Linkedin and her main facebook account.

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It means she only wants brief, superficial communication on her terms. She doesn't want to get personal with you, doesn't want you to dump your baggage on her and since she knows you're insecure, she's thinking you're a loose cannon so beware.


If you wish to change for the better you have to really sincerely and seriously change from this day forward. Quit hounding her and people in general because they don't like it. She'll block you again if you don't behave yourself admirably. Exercise discretion and treat people delicately. Treat people with respect.


Whatever she decides to do is her decision which you cannot control. All you can do is switch gears and be more considerate of others. Be more polite, well mannered, keep it brief and light. Then ALL relationships will be smoother and more enduring. You ought to try it. Live and learn as I've learned this very harsh lesson myself with those in my midst.


Unfortunately, you have to walk on eggshells in order to get along with a lot of people in this world. In other words, be careful! Err on the side of caution always and remain conservative. It will pay off later.


I'm a Christian, too. Read 'The Book of James' for a wealth of information regarding conduct with others because those lessons never went out of style. It's very applicable, absolute, steadfast, unwavering and it works because it's common sense. Or, google 'The Book of James' online, read it and adhere to it. It teaches you how to survive in this society whether friends, family, relationships, etc.

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