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Does Age really matter in a relationship?


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I met this guy that I really liked on bumble, but there is one problem I am 16 and he is 20.I know I should not be on there because my profile says I am 18 and anything can happen, but I was really looking for someone 18. We are only four year apart, which is not that bad when you think about it. Moreover, he wants to take me out and the only way he can do that is if my parents know. I cannot keep something like that from them. How should I tell them? When should I tell them?

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Apparently your parents failed to teach you that lying is selfish and disrespectful. It shows that you don't care about manipulating other people as long as you get your way. That right there makes you bad relationship material and shows that you are not mature enough.


If that guy had an ounce of common sense he would drop you for your lack of integrity the minute he found out. If he didn't, then he is bad news and you risk paying dearly for your lying and your own lack of common sense. If you get yourself in trouble, you will only have yourself to blame. As most adult online dating sites, Bumble is full of people looking to get laid and not everyone is noble enough not to take advantage of your stupidity. Get off bumble.


Four years may not be much once both people are 20+ but at 16 the gap IS substantial. There is a reason why there are laws forbidding this in Western societies. Minors are not mentally fully developed yet and the law tries to protect them from being taken advantage and getting hurt.


You do need to tell your parents BEFORE you meet this stranger or any other stranger. Be open and hear them out.

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You have to be 18 in order to create an account on bumble, so you are not complying with the terms of service. Some people would call lying like this catfishing.


You are lucky this guy told you to tell your parents and declined meeting. If you delete your account now and stop chatting with young men over 18 you won't have to tell your parents.

I met this guy that I really liked on bumble, but there is one problem I am 16 and he is 20. he wants to take me out and the only way he can do that is if my parents know.
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You want to be grown up? Then you don't lie and you don't risk hurting others for your own selfish reasons.


You are under age and you need to date boys in your own age group. Not 20 year old men. He could go to jail or be marked a sex offender for the rest if his life. the. rest. of. his. life!


We're all young, at some point and have done dumb things. But you gotta think about someone other than yourself. This could become a very serious problem. Not just for him but things could happen to you, that you will never get over. You could hurt your parents and your family.


Lying about your age is not cool.

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Dating apps are for adults who don't meet enough people in their age group in their daily lives. Their dating pool is limited unless they use the app. If you attend public school, you likely come into contact with a minimum of 100 boys, with a few cute ones in the mix, who you could gradually be getting to know. Plus, that's a whole lot safer than meeting strangers from the Internet. If you don't go to a public school, or if it's a small private school, there are plenty of clubs around for teens you could join. When I was your age, I was a member of a masonic organization for girls, and we did social stuff with the boys masonic organization. I met my first major boyfriend through that, and we dated for two years.


Mentally healthy twenty year olds don't want to go out with 16 year old girls, so save yourself from rejection if he is a sane person and finds out you're jail bait, or save yourself from psychological trauma if he's a child predator.


Even when I was 19 and still living at home, I didn't like my mother's rules, but listened to her anyway. As an adult, I thank God I did, because now with my adult brain and life experience, I know she was right and trying to protect me from harm.


Put yourself in a mother's role. If in the future you had a 16 year old, would you be okay with her dating someone who got out of high school a whole 2 years earlier? If you think that's okay, please realize that even though you might have the body of a woman, your brain won't be fully mature in the decision making pre-frontal cortex until you're 25. So it's best you stick by the normal dating rules imposed on teens for your own good. You'll thank yourself later. I know I did.

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