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Dating girl who just got out of a 5 year relationship


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I have been seeing a girl from work for about a month now. Everything was perfect for the first 3 weeks! We were going out, she was staying over, etc! Then through a friend her ex found out that she was seeing me and blew her up and it made her feel real uncomfortable to the point where she started feeling pressured to be with me. To make matters worse work found out that we were seeing each other and it made her even more pressured. I know I have a major part in this but she says that she doesn’t feel pressured by me just be the outside world like work, my friends, ex’s family! She said she loves my friends by she is not ready for us to be labeled by them. I met up with her yesterday and I apologized for letting it leak out to the office and she looked okay and we kissed and she smiled and waved by. She said she wished her lunch was longer so we could keep talking. We are supposed to be hanging out this weekend but there are no concrete plans yet. Since seeing her I have backed off and I stopped texting her. What can I do to keep this alive?


How long has she been out of that relationship? Do they have kids together?

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