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Z plan at work


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6 hours ago, 1a1a said:

Very good question, the actual mixing part of the work tends to be small cultural festivals. It’s been both an opportunity to hone my skill mixing outdoors and a chance to meet some cool people and hear some different music. ... And somewhere along the way I think I got emotionally invested in that company. Time to disinvest. 

At first I thought high turn over was because of the inconsistency of work. They have high turnover in labour crew as well, everyone is casual so those who need more consistent income end up in more consistent jobs. The company has really improved and streamlined its processes over the years, and with that improvement has come baked in this ‘work faster, work faster’ thing, which doesn’t do anything to make it feel like a good work environment. Maybe some bail because of that too.

If you were to grow to the next step, past depending on this company, what would that look like? I ask because this may be a good stepping stone to new opportunities or a goal to have in the future.


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Batya you’re right, but you’re not understanding this company’s particular fixation on it. The focus on speed with no acknowledgement or assessment of the pace already set is unique to here, industry wide the average pace of work is slower. And when I say slower I don’t mean people work slowly, I mean people work at a comfortable quick pace and no one is asking them to sprint through the tasks! What this company is asking for is out of the ordinary. 

Rose Mosse, financially I am already completely independent so that’s a good something. For my heart? I could let go of the dream of festival mixing or try and convince another hire company to employ me. 

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