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This is complicated but yet so simple.


Here’s some sunshine.


A guy fell hard in love with me on first sight. He told me so many times he loves me. But it is very hard to make me fall for someone. One issue is that I am transgender. Don’t want to hurt myself being rejected.


After two months I told him I’m transgender. He said ”Wow. Then I need to see myself in a new way. Like what will my friends say when I am with a dude.”


He made me fall hard. We had a huge ammount och eye contact and smiles last time we saw eachother a week ago. I got a long hug and ”we’ll see later” when we went separate ways.


I can’t forget him. He is in my dreams. In my fantasies.


Someting amazing happened today. I was out hiking. Omw home I drove passed him! What are the odds for us being at the same place at the same time in the wilderness on a 15 km oneway road.


Did not stop or even wave. I was in chock and even more happy to see him. Almost ran my car into the paddock. Haha. Poor horses.



I sent him a message on facebook. I won’t chase him. It’s his turn. What was the message? My phone number. [emoji51]


Complicated because we’re not allowed to have contact yet for different reasons.


Simple because love is love. Our paths will cross again. Never felt this strong connection to anyone before. I feel complete.

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