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First Texting Problems


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My boyfriend (M15) and I (F15) have only been together for a few weeks but he has not texted me in 5 days. We just went out on Valentine's Day and then he said he loved me. We have known each other for a while before we started going out. We texted for a few days after Valentine's day but it felt like I was dragging him along in the conversation and it also felt dry and like he did not really want to talk to me. I started the last conversation and now it has been 5 days, what should I do? I could text him but I am worried that he does not want to talk to me.

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If you have to drag him along in a conversation that is unenthusiastic, then perhaps he's not that interested in you with all due respect.


Some people are not into texting regularly despite this cell phone age. I know some people in my life who don't want to bother texting relentlessly back 'n forth. They don't like it and often times texting is a ball 'n chain instead of a joy.


Arrange talking to him in person and see where he's at and ask him what he thinks about texting you regularly. If he's not the type of guy you wish to date, then let him go.


If it's been 5 days, don't pester and bother him. He's obviously not invested in the new relationship. I'd let him go and move on.

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