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Hello! I’m not sure if its the right place for this question But here we go..


On my boyfriend Instagram posts there’s always a like that not shows, for example in one of them he have 4 likes But when I click only three people appear.


I try to check from an account of two different friends but its the same , 4 likes but three people only..


I love him and I do trust him But i am curious about it ..


What u guys think it is ?


Thank you!

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Why do you think you're so curious about this? Is there someone in his past, or in his orbit, that you're concerned about? Do you have some drama with someone in his life who could have blocked you, along with your friends?


All in all, though, I would take a moment and ask if this is how you want to be spending your time and energy, both in general and inside a relationship.

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You are right I trust him and I will not think about it anymore.


Are you sure about that? Because your reaction to this strongly suggests you don't.


What triggered your insecurity here - has he previously been inappropriate with other women online, or?

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Have you met in person? Why is communication cryptic and through social media rather than in person and out in the open? Stop cyberstalking him through friends.

I try to check from an account of two different friends but its the same , 4 likes but three people only.
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I would have to agree with boltnrun. 99,99% Of the times something feels off, then something is off. I won`t call it gut, instict, feeling or anything like that. But scientifically it is proven that when our subconcious is triggered by something undetectable to the "naked eye" that is correct and valid.


That was happening to my with my ex. He had me restricted on fb and I got suspicious when I couldn`t see any likes of his on my feed. It was when I typed "photos liked by scumbag" that a whole array of girl photos appeared - and only girls. When I confronted him about a specific girl with whom I had suspected he texted with he said he didn`t remember liking the pic (that was hours ago mind you), he said I imagined it and even questioned my vision and sanity, calling it jealousy. I mean...?!? Turns out I was right and he was jumping beds all along. The blow was not ony the infidelity, but actually the gaslighting that tortures me to this day.


But supressing my doubts, even without proof was killing me inside. It made a true obsessive detective ot of me and I swore when I broke up with him (for another reason tho) that if a guy ever triggered that feeling in me I would abort the whole thing and find another person. Take care of your feelings and sanity. You are not overreacting.

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