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I'm confused with my crush's feelings and I don't know what to do!!


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Ok, let me start from the very beggining. Me and my crush sit in the corner of the classroom so we talk a lot. One day, we were talking about random stuff when he brought up crushes him and another person who sits in the corner too told me theirs. Sadly, his crush was one of my closest friends, it hurt, but it's ok, I can't control him. Then they forced me to tell them mine and I was like "Hey, respect my privacy, blah, blah..." In the end I told them.

So time skip, we had a change of seats (seat plans are required in our school), I sat near him, but not near enough to talk. Of course, he was surrounded by girls who got shipped with him, so I got kinda jealous, but again, nothing I can do about it. Ever since we changed seats, he stopped talking to me, looking at me even. But then, one day during math class, there was a hard question. We actually got along well because of how much we suck at math, so to my surprised, he looked at me with a ' is this' face, and I did too. Then after that, I was cramming for a quiz and he was cheering me on. Then, I might be delusional about this, but he looked jealous about me and my friend being lovey-dovey. So that day kinda gave my heart a leap.

A biiiiiiiiger faaaaaater luuuuuuuckier thing happened the next day. His seat is behind me now and he actually talks to me. So we have fun times, and being the shy crab I am, I try to be hard to get when in reality I can't seem to stop thingking of him.He seemed interested in me so I had a lot of hope until he started acting cold again. Since He's a basketball player and I went to see a game of his, along with my brother and I cheered hard and he looked at me and laughed, so hat got my heart beating hard. But then he started acting cold again. I don't get ittt!! I don't know if he likes me or not, he's really messing me up.

I thought he was interested in me cause he did the things I did before he knew I liked him, but then he acts cold all of a sudden. I'm so confused helllp. Idk what to do!!

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In my experience, he likes you as a friend only. He likes the fact that you have a crush on him because it feels good to have a fan in life. He's not shy. He knows you like him. If he were into you, he'd ask you out.


It's frustrating when a crush doesn't share your feelings. I've been there plenty of times. Just start treating him as any old friend, and retrain your brain to come off that crush. When he acted jealous, it was about losing a fan, not wanting you exclusively for his own. You want a person who is crazy about you and asks you out, not someone who runs hot and cold and has a crush on your friend. With time and distance, you'll be able to move your focus to people who share your feelings. Take care.

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What's with all the extra consonants and vowels?


I don't get from what you wrote that he has "feelings". If you flat out told him you have a crush on him he could be flattered or embarrassed but since he knows you like him he would make an effort to at least be around you outside of class if he felt the same way.


Didn't he say his "crush" was one of your friends?

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If someone likes you as more than a friend, they'll likely ask you out. If someone likes you as more than a friend AND you tell them you've got a crush on them - they'll very likely ask you out, even if they're shy.


If you're confused about his feelings for you although you've made your feelings very clear, then that's a fair indication that he doesn't see you as any more than a friend. Stop playing games, playing hard to get, and if you like the guy as a friend then just be friendly.


In time, your romantic feelings for him will fade away and hopefully you'll find someone who absolutely adores you!

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