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Oh the bladder issue fun never stops!

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I have weird tissue growing inside my bladder that they thought was cancerous back in November. You all were with me on that journey. Luckily the tissue turned out benign. I thought for sure removing the tissue would be beneficial to my health and the struggles I face with various bladder issues.


Apparently it’s not so easy. It’s been confirmed that I now have the same type of tissue growing outside my bladder into my pelvis. I asked the Urologist is this Endometriosis? I had to have a hysterectomy because of Endometriosis years ago. So my fear is it’s come back. The Urologist doesn’t know. However she wants me to have a Ct Guided needle biopsy under sedation at the hospital by a Radiologist . I’m doing that February 4th.


I’m also seeing the Gynecologist because this May be in his field of experience now.


The tissue in the pelvis is attached to the tissue in the bladder. It’s dug it’s way into the bladder.


I’m just struggling to get my health back and also I am continuing on my weight loss journey.


At first the doctor thought it was a mass that took up half the bladder but on second glancing and reviewing my films and going over what she saw. She’s confirmed it’s this unexplainable tissue.


My thought is endometriosis. Her thought is I’m still not out of the woods with the cancer scare.


She’s leaving the practice and I’ll be seeing her associate afterwards, after the biopsy. He will have all my information from her.


Please keep me in your thoughts. I’m hoping to have way better understanding of what this is after this biopsy in February.


I’m also going to get various Doctors opinions as well since this is confusing the Urologist and Radiologist whom is doing the biopsy. Without physically seeing the tissue outside of my bladder they don’t know what the heck is going on. All they can do is Biopsy.


My case as other doctors have put it, my Hematologist, and Nephrologist along with Urologist says “is unique and bizarre.”



I hate when things can’t be explained right away.


Thank you for taking time to read.

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I’m sorry that you’re dealing with all of this - I hope you get answers and that it’s good news. If you’re not getting answers, you might consider going to a specialized center with integrated care where all the specialists would work together to try and make a diagnosis and plan. I don’t know where you live but in the US certain medical centers are known for this and the quality of care is just a cut above the rest. Sometimes it’s hard to make progress when you’re seeing a bunch of different doctors but they’re not working together.

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I saw the Gynecologist and he said it’s out of his expertise. So I’m seeing a Urogynecologist. She specializes in both Bladder and pelvis. I see her in February.


I canceled the upcoming biopsy on February 4th. The gynecologist I saw said I don’t need an unnecessary procedure if the Urogynecologist is going to do surgery to remove the tissue anyway and biopsy what she removes.


She’ll most likely do a MRI first to get better imaging.

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