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First post, please give advice on an ex with depression/diabetes??


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If you had an immensely loving relationship, you guys enriched the each other’s lives had crazy chemistry ( both physically and mentally) but the other person isn’t prepared to give you a relationship right now due to learning to manage their illness better ( type 1 diabetes ) and in need of more personal growth... I mean a hefty load . He revealed to me on a heavy call one night while crying he has anxieties ontop of anxieties , doesnt know who he is, that others have their together but he doesnt, After he turns his streams off will just sit and stare are his screen for a bit , misses his parents, his life during school when things were happier. Would you keep a light on for them? What are your thoughts on this guys? Thank you.


He is 22 living alone away from family, works as a big streamer from him and his friends are also streamers so they stay indoors mostly, he has on and off health issues ( he orders out food everynight while having diabetes ) overthinks and stresses a lot. He takes his job serious and gets down if things don’t go his way. Constantly busy minded either with his anxieties or figuring out matters in his life . There are still feelings on both ends. Is it hopeless? This doesnt even cover the whole details of the relationship for it is much deeper and intricate than all I said here. I really wish I could tell you guys everything cause it’s a sad sad situation. It has been a long winded battle for moooonths. It’s developed negatively this past December and we aren’t talking now because a blow up over emotions. Thank you for reading guys.

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He is in no place to have a relationship.


I would advise you to move on, to save your own sanity. The kind of help he needs is not the kind you can give and you have no idea if he'll want to rekindle the relationship with you once he's in a better place. He might decide to start over completely and meet someone new.


It's tough to walk away, but I don't really see what other option you have.

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Sorry to hear this. He will be fine. He does not want what you want. In the future try not to mother, smother, fix or change anyone or force relationships. It would be best to leave him be and find someone more in tune with your relationship needs.

He is 22 living alone away from family. isn’t prepared to give you a relationship right now. we aren’t talking now because a blow up over emotions.
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When someone tells you that they don't want to be in a relationship, respect them enough to believe them, accept their decision with grace, and move on.


It doesn't matter why, what their reasons are, what's going on in their life, etc. The only relevant bit of information was already expressed to you - "I don't want to be in a relationship with you." You don't get to second guess that or try to force yourself into their life after that.


There is also a very simple, unpleasant truth - when someone is really into you, they'll make it work no matter what all else they have going on. In this case, he is not that into you and your feelings are more one sided than you realize. The break up has made that clear. So no, don't hold a torch for someone who rejected you. Heal, move on - there is a better guy out there for you.

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