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Men, can you be just friends with an attractive female?

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So men can only have platonic friendships with ugly women if they're in a relationship?


Exactly. I'm a gal and I have had male platonic friends most of my life and I am not ugly (well these days at 53, running myself ragged perhaps not as cute anymore but....) - and yes it was platonic and very, very rewarding. Still is. I know of quite a number of men who cheated on their partners with women who were far from conventionally attractive.

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Some can, some can't.


The problem is, many women are attractive and men love them.


If the man is in a relationship and in love with their SO, sometimes it's easier - the SO looks more attractive to him because he's in love with her. Many good people, who have integrity, tend to be naturally monogamous, including men, when in love. Don't ever underestimate the power of love.






The following does not apply to most men, only a small percentage:


I'm a life coach and an empath, and I do have some beautiful lady friends (one looks like Meg Ryan).......but I know they don't want to kiss me, so I don't want to kiss them - ever.


However, if I meet a woman who has the hots for me........ I might not be able to be friends with her.... because it's too tempting..with the chemistry that she projects with her feelings, I might slip up and give in to her charms. So, when single, can I be friends with women? - sometimes, it depends on the circumstances.


If I'm in a relationship, I don't care how hot she is. I'm not that easy, lol


There are about 3 to 5 percent of men who are like this.

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Not all men are the same. I would like to be more than friends with a very attractive girl. That said. If I’m in a relationship, which I am currently, I would control myself and would try not to be close friends. I would remove myself from any temptation. So, platonic would be very difficult to impossible. Difficult would be when my GF has a hot friend that is out of bounds. So, it is possible. It all depends.

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