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I am not sure what's going on with them, but there appears to be a sickness in the air. My parents and brothers have stopped giving a about their health. My brother stays in bed all day and expects miracles overnight and then eats like crap.


I am physically and mentally fragile but I am doing my best to fix myself and turn this nasty situation around this is by being a better person but it seems that people don't want that.


I can't move out either because the situation I am in. My entire life savings were stolen by a criminal broker.

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I'm sorry about your situation.


Your parents and family are in control of their own health or lack thereof. You don't have to be like them. Be your own person.


It's their life and they do what they do. Don't criticize them. Just do what you need to do in order to take good care of your health, get your finances in order, save money, stay focused on your career and have financial independence as your goal. Start all over if you have to. Then you will have more choices, can create your own world, make wise choices with your life and whom you choose to associate with; hopefully with healthy influences.


Get serious, remain steadfast and unwavering and take control of your own life.

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Why do I eat ice cream, eat hamburgers, and drink sodas when there is a history of type II diabetes in my family?


-it feels good

-it's a habit that's hard to break

-my parents did it

-I understate the consequences in my mind and overstate the benefits


While my unhealthy behavior isn't quite the extreme as the ones you mentioned, I feel like these are all fairly good answers to your question as well.

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