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Not sure if she’s sure about breakup, need advice on what I should do

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She’s sorting my things and said a couple of messages later “Don’t think that I don’t want to see you, that’s not the case at all”?


Don’t read into the last comment, OP. She knows it looks like she’s been avoiding you and she feels guilty about that, but she’s not attaching romantic significance to seeing you. My guess is that she’s not good with this sort of awkward situation and doesn’t know how to handle it well, but she has no ill will toward you.


It will be best not to see her when you retrieve your belongings, though. That would be too painful for you, I think.

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I agree. If she hugs you or says something like she misses you you'll be agonizing over "what did she MEAN???" And trying to find ways to make contact to "build attraction".


I say skip it even though you probably don't want to. It's better in the long run.

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