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Should i just stop?


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So I downloaded an app to find friends from all around the world.

Then I met this guy. He's nice and supports me a lot whenever I feel insecure about my arts.


We exchanged numbers then started with some random topics, i'm suck at finding topics but he usually the one who continues the convos. We used to text everyday.


Eventually I became comfortable with him but didn't make any move because i know we're just friends.


I hate the idea of online dating but this feeling is getting stronger and confusing.


I don't have any chance to get to him, because :

I don't know any of his social media.

He doesn't live in the same country as me.

He doesn't use his phone very often so it will take longer for him to answer my texts.


I think this feeling is so wrong and almost impossible for me to reach out to him.


I would like to text him but I don't think I can expect more from him. I don't know whether he's single or not since he lives so far.


Should i just stop?

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Why wouldn't you date local men in real life from groups clubs, volunteering and dating apps? Meet local men in person. What you are doing is hiding behind a screen and inviting catfishing and scamming. Stop.

I downloaded an app to find friends from all around the world. Then I met this guy.
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You're not online dating or dating. He's a chat buddy and it doesn't require any vulnerability or effort on your part because you know the chance of meeting is.... basically none -in fact he could be a she, or multiple people. If you want to date this has nothing at all to do with dating. And I would not date "online" -that's not dating either. Keep him as a chat buddy if you like and figure out three ways this week you're going to meet people in real life -happy to give suggestions if you like.

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You're seeking human connections, and yet subconsciously or not, put up barriers by having millions of miles between you and the other people.


If you're really ready to date, try Meetup.com. Join one of the singles groups for people in your age group. Local dating is a lot cheaper, and you actually get to hold hands with a new love, and actually get to physically enjoy their company a few times a week.


If cyber space connections seem safer to you, figure out what's holding you back from meeting up with people in 3D.

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