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I have guy I like but have no idea if I got friendzoned or what is between us


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So year ago I met guy, it was connected to our hobby. I once complimented him and somehow after that we started talking, he messaged me first. I really enjoyed talking with him but once he told me that i'm kind of too young for him to spend time with (he is 6 years older) and he can chat with me and play but that's all then we stopped talking for a month I think. Meanwhile he made few promises to me which he broke. It was his fault and he knew that I was mad at him. We stopped talking again. Now he started messaging me again and I don't know why, I don't think that anything have changed over this few months. I like him but I have no idea what relation we actually have.

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He’s probably looking for exactly what he told you he wanted from you before - friendship and maybe some “playtime.” Perhaps he’s hit a dating dry-spell and has come to you for attention or maybe some casual flirting.


You don’t have any relation that will lead to dating each other seriously, in other words. Don’t hold out hopes for this one.

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He's not interested, it that's simple. You have a crush on him. You are not dating. You are not in a relationship. It's been a year he knows your contact info and he is not asking you out.


The "relation" you have is shared hobby and a schoolgirl crush on him. He's wise not to get tangled up with a high school kid.


Do not keep approaching him and do not keep asking him out. He already told you you're too young for him so that is your answer. Find guys who are interested in dating you. Have you read the book : "He's Just Not That Into You". Google it.

year ago I met guy. I really enjoyed talking with him but once told me that i'm kind of too young for him to spend time with
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I didn't had big hopes about it anyway, I even started dating someone else but after he messaged me I started wondering if there could be a chance for it to become something more.


I don’t think so, girl.


The limiting factor - the difference - is still there. He still most likely sees you as an option for some casual fun only.

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It's the age thing girl....maybe in a couple of years, but if he ever wanted to make a move, he would have by now. I think he keeps in contact because he finds it flattering and an ego boost...a little fantasy. You are better off writing him off. It's good to hear you are dating someone else...waiting for someone is just a waste of your time. Remember that.

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