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Hey all! I thought I'd hop on and update anyone who may be wondering about me.


I'm doing wonderful! I met my guy nearly a year ago and we were married this past July. And before you say anything, finish reading. Lol


First of all, for those that are here who may be lost or hurt....this place is full of wonderful people who give excellent advice. The trick is to tailor the advice given so that it fits into your life. Get therapy if you need to. Do some self help videos on YouTube. Pick yourself up and realize how awesome you really are!


Once you're there, you're ready for your next relationship.


I was so very lost a couple of years ago and I kept messing up. Jumping into things too fast, expecting more from some men than I should have. Falling for lies and manipulation. I finally stopped and just spent some time alone. And I realized that it was ok to be alone and I started to actual enjoy it.


Fast forward a few months. I made a POF account out of boredom. No... really! I knew it would be the same crap load of guys on there. But within a few mins of being online this guy I've never seen before messaged me. We chatted a bit, I looked him up on FB and noticed we had a mutual friend. He asked me out the next day. I asked our friend about him and she said he was a good guy. So, I met him for dinner, keeping no expectations, at all.


We seemed to hit it off well. After dinner he said he'd like to try a relationship with me, which was odd to me and I assumed he was trying to get into my pants...which he did, lol. But it had been a while and I was like, if I never hear back from him, it'll b ok. At least I had a fun night!


But, I did hear back from him. Every day. We started spending more and more time together. He showed me that he was real and consistent. He never left me hanging. If something came up, he let me know about it. He was and is true to his word. I kept my guard up and my expectations low but he never once let me down.


Our agreed upon relationship flourished and turned into a love like I've never known. I know it sounds crazy and romanticized, but it's real. We even kind of skipped the whole infatuation thing because we decided to be together before we even really knew each other. We decide to stay together and to love and respect one another every day.


We get along amazingly. We may bicker sometimes about trivial things, but we've never been in an actual argument. We share the same views and opinions on most topics. Share the same values and goals in life. He's my near perfect partner.


Finally. We are both nearly 40. It took us way too long to find each other. The crazy part is that we went to high school together but never met back then!


Ok, release the hounds. Lol

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Congratulations on your marriage! We also married in our early 40s (and, ironically, we had mutual friends when we were teenagers but never met). I think people get to the place of finding a good match and a good marriage in all sorts of ways. And sometimes it's also fun later to tell the "how we met" story and sometimes it's interesting to see what we choose to focus on and whether in hindsight the story seems different than when we were experiencing it.


Anyway have fun with your new husband!!

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I met my boyfriend at 36 and we’ve been together almost a year. I truly love him the most out of any other relationship I’ve ever had and find him to be the one meant for me. Funny how we find the right fit for us when we’re older.


I think if I met him at 21 how my life would be so different. But I think we need the life experiences first.


I wish you both much happiness!

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Here comes the but!


You knew it was coming, haha.


Not about him or your relationship, I mean if you’re happy who cares what we think ya know! I’m curious what’s going on with Mizz.


What caused you to post? I find the ‘release the hounds’ line the most thought provoking.


We don’t do things for nothing and I’ve often said in my opinion many ‘updates’ that aren’t from regular posters often have an ulterior motive attached to it.


No one sits happy on the couch and thinks it’s been a year I think I’ll go update ENA, again regular posters often update but flyby posters typically do so when something going on.


What about this moment made you post.


You didn’t post when you activated POF.


You didn’t post before your first date.


You didn’t post after your first date.


You didn’t post when you got engaged.


You didn’t post when you got married.


You’re posting on a random Thursday....


So I ask


How is Mizz doing?




If good then bravo! I remember you back from 2017 when I first joined so it’s very nice to see you’re doing well.


But if and not accusing this is a big if, IF you need to get something out, work through something, whatever even if it’s not posting, write it out, work through it, use the skills you’ve developed. Life isn’t always a perfect bowl of cherries, real life has its ups and downs, but as long as there are more ups than downs you’re blessed. 😊

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