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My life without her forever


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Its been 3 days of No contact , realized the moment she sent many abusive messages she is not the one for me.


I wish her well without telling her about it.


I hope she is at peace and can find happiness with her ex.


I dont want her in my life anymore am scarred, feel abused want to stay away for life.


This person became someone whom i dont want to know anymore.


Life sucks there is lot of pain now. Hope i can get through this.


I want to be cared and loved just like i can to that special one

I long for that day , i hope i can survive this pain and can love again.

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Went with one of old exs yesterday for a movie we had a good watch.


We lost our baby while being together for 10 years.


She is a sweet person, we always respected each other, but the loss was unbearable to both of us and we broke up.


Sundays are so boring sitting at home doing nothing all friends busy with their families and am at home alone doing nothing


Will try out some new recipe for cooking catch up on something new on Netflix.

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I feel i lost a part of me after being abused so much by her the feeling of being kind, motivated, humility have all seem to have vanished from me, self worth and esteem all have taken a hit, this definitely is a sign she was not the right person for me.


Nobody should treat us like this nobody and whoever does should not be part of our life...

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i finally found a therapist, spoke to her and my situation in brief, more to follow in our first appointment coming up in 2 weeks.

She told me not to lie to her about anything and am like i need to have faith in her, the trust, etc to speak up.

Although very afraid and anxious am still going to meet her.

she said she will give me assignments and i need to ensure i complete them, the sound of it itself makes me scary but i will need to be honest here.

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