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Co-worker who thinks he is right...but then gets backstabbed by reality


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He is for sure expert in some things and so I am in other things.


The problem is that when I say about how particular things should be done, his ego jumps in and indirectly tells me that my work ethics are too complex or not useful at all. While other team members do accept my ideas openly. He rebels against us and keeps on doing things his way.


The funny (or sad) thing is that almost whenever this happens, he gets backstabbed by reality where he ends up seeing that my words were right.


What could be the reason for his denial?

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Step away from his ego contest and interact more with the others members of the team. He seems to have enough rope to keep hanging himself, so don't waste more of your energy on his ego. By doing that you are validating him. Just say 'yeah, ok' and be professional.

While other team members do accept my ideas openly. He rebels against us and keeps on doing things his way.
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If your ideas are so great you gotta come on here and **** talk about your coworker to a bunch of strangers for validation, maybe they're not all that great after all.


I'm gonna go with this.^^^^. Some of the higher ups would take serious note on your performance and move you up the ladder if this was so true. He is in this position for other reasons you don't see. I think if you approach this issue differently, you will be a winner. The key thing is to become an expert in his area, and beyond. Do this by improving your knowledge, getting degrees, focus your energy on the company's needs and expectations, rather this pettiness.

I have been with my company for 29 years, and there have been plenty of employees that think they have more worth than they actually have. They get pissy, quit, thinking they will find validation with another company. More often than not they get fired there, and come begging for their job back. What I'm saying is, don't get caught up in your what you think your worth is. It makes you narrow minded, and lose sight on what you are actually there to achieve.

I'm not saying you are being a bad employee, just want you to keep grounded, and find success the right way.

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The problem is that when I say about how particular things should be done, his ego jumps in and indirectly tells me that my work ethics are too complex or not useful at all.


Is this some kind of team meeting in the morning? Why are all of you talking so much about doing any specific item? Your boss (the boss of all of you) should be delegating the tasks better and making sure there's no confusion about who does what task.


Next time someone has a problem with what you say if you're the team leader or supervisor, discuss it in private away from the rest of the group and come to a solution together. Butting heads like that with everyone present is not good for team morale and creates more confusion and petty grievances. This is a work place, not a bar. Keep it professional. The culture may be more open where you are but for what it's worth, be tactful if you can.


Try working on your delivery also. If it's sounding a little imperial and sounding a lot like it's your way or the highway when it should be a team collaborative effort, you may have an attitude problem and your teammates don't like it. Even if you are the team leader or the lead in a specific project, delivery still matters. Invite new thoughts in, don't alienate anyone and keep things on track.

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