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Getting her to want me again


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OP, if you had any sense of decency, you'd go about things the right way.


Leave June alone. Get a divorce, get your own place and leave women alone until the divorce goes through.


Then as a divorced man you can decide to date. It amazes to me that this has to be explained to a grown man.

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Sept 2019 – A bit awkward to start with but the flirting and looks started to happen again. I then almost broke up with my wife. I told June all about it and I think that this put her off. She would still email me a few times but not that much.


Oct 2019 – She now emails infrequently. I get few flirty looks at work. But we still have some nice chats and I can make her laugh. I think we know that we are not friends.


Is the attraction still there ? Yes (I think), but she is not as forward anymore.


I do not know what to do next to get us back to where we were (and more!) Please help.


Quick reply to this message


Your next move is to not message, email, text, call or communicate with June except what is absolutely required during the work day - then i would send my resume around to get to a work place without June in it to show your wife you are serious about your marriage. Block June on all apps, email accounts and phone numbers. And i would reconnect with your wife. take her on dates. Figure out with a counselor why you are acting like such a heel and acting as a victim ie, that things in life just happen to you

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Yep, June is going to find you uber attractive when your broke behind is sitting in your 300 square foot unfurnished studio flat after your wife kicks you out and takes you to the cleaners for repeated cheating. Not to mention the allure of being a selfish cheater.


I sure hope you don't have kids.


Stop this juvenile silliness and get back to work. And either work on your marriage or divorce your wife.


This is your answer. Do the right thing and find some distance some way from this woman. This situation will not end well for anyone and will probably have dire consequences on multiple fronts for your life.

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Wait a minute, didn't you also say that June has a boyfriend? I think you are seriously living in La La Land! I don't think June is even that into you but she just likes the attention and you chasing her. Many people are like this and just love an ego boost. It's very convenient for her to say "Yes I would definitely kiss you if we were single". But conveniently you are both not single so she doesn't have to kiss you or do anything at all! I reckon if you leave your wife she won't date you at all. Also you need to leave your wife before you see other women. You were together for TWELVE YEARS. Don't you think she deserves some respect?

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