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Girl says she has extra days off this week and will hit me up....


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I've been hanging out with this girl but idk her mindset yet. I asked her to hang tomorrow and she said she has an event thing tomorrow but has extra days free this week so she will "hit me up." usually the "I'll call you" is lack of interest but the way she said it has me second guessing. we were being playful and flirty right before so I honestly dont know if she will or not.

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You are over-analyzing this way too much. What will be will be. Different people use different expressions differently, and even the same person can be inconsistent.


Actions speaker louder than words, so it is pointless to get hung up every little thing that is said, trying to figure out clues on what she is thinking. If she does contact you in a few days to arrange a date, then she probably likes you, or at least enjoys spending time with you. If she does not, then she is not interested and just said "I'll hit you up" to be polite.

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Why would you think "I'll call you, I'm free later in the week" is a lack of interest? Are you just hanging out or do you want to date her? Why ask the day before and state "hang out"? Are you hoping to just be friends? Why didn't you ask when she is free and nail down a date then? In a couple of days contact her and ask her on a real date a bit in advance if you want more than the friendzone. Being this passive may indicate to her that you're not that interested so given the "hang outs" and vagueness, she may be moving on.

I've been hanging out with this girl. usually the "I'll call you" is lack of interest but the way she said it has me second guessing.
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Hit you up was being playful as you suggested the conversation was.


You didn’t ask her out on a date , you asked her to hang out, so her response was absolutely perfect to the question.


Go ahead with your plans with friends , family , hobbies etc and when she hits you up , meet her if you are available and if not then stop being playful and actually have a discussion with her that you would like to take her out on a date and figure out a day and time you are both free.


It’s not that complicated!!

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