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Pesticide treatment


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Hello everyone! I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this. Not sure how to handle it as I’ve never been in the situation.


We live rented house and on Sunday we got an email from our property manager stating that pest control was going to stop by this Thursday to do some standard spraying. We don’t have an insect problem and never requested it, but it seems to be standard procedure. I asked the property manager how safe this stuff was for children, since I have a toddler and I don’t want her to be exposed to anything potentially harmful. I know they make different sprays, some better than others.

Previously, at different places, we were always asked if we wanted it done and a product description was given and how long to avoid certain areas etc.


Well, she didn’t get back to me for a few days and I tried calling, but got no answer. I sent a follow up and stated that I’d be more comfortable to postpone the appointment until I get further info. No answer... on Thursday, during the window of when he was supposed to be here I get an email from property manager to call the company itself to inquire about their product. I called them and they told me they wouldn’t exactly call the product safe but couldn’t give more info. The guy on the line didn’t know too much and told me he’d ask a manager who would call me back. Nobody ever called back and at this point I’m pretty sure somebody has already stopped by, so we’re avoiding the yard and are hoping this stuff dissipates after a day.


At the time they were supposed to come we were at work and couldn’t be home to talk in person. I was hoping our property manager would’ve given us some more info on the stuff or had gotten back to me before Thursday. I’m a little peeved but not sure what’s really within my rights. I mean it’s done now... it didn’t mention anything about this in the lease btw.


Thanks for any input you may have!

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Sorry to hear this. Air the place out, vacuum, wipe down all surfaces, etc and get a HEPA filter. Not sure of the specifics but very often you do not have to let management or any agent of management in your apt except for emergencies or with 24/hr notice for routine repairs. The lease may not state anything about exterminators per se but reread it regarding entering your apt and for what purposes and under what circumstances. Next time don't debate the ingredients of pesticides, simply deny them access. Don't negotiate. Be firm. Never heard of anyone being evicted for denying an exterminator access. But it largely depend on your area's laws. Get a doctors note regarding allergies, your child etc.

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I’m pretty sure somebody has already stopped by, so we’re avoiding the yard and are hoping this stuff dissipates after a day.
was this in your yard that they sprayed or in your house as Wiseman suggests?


I suspect if you google the product they used you will get enough information to either calm your worries or at least do what it is you have to do to protect yourselves.


Good luck.

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Thank you everyone! I got a hold of her today and she told me nobody actually entered my place, because nobody was home to let them in. That makes me feel better. They just did the yard and from what I can tell researching the product, it should be fine after 24 hours.

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