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Not revolving my college schedule around stepson

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If you were married to this man, it might be a different story. But since neither of you has committed to a permanent relationship, you are not the boy's stepmother and you shouldn't be expected to take part in stepmother activities.


Yes that's true. On a practical level she is having a child with him and her strong belief is she should be able to have a full time job and school schedule where the father has the baby all weekend, every weekend. Of course he is the father but in many co-parenting situations there is not an expectation of a working parent having to be the full time parent all weekend every weekend. She wants that and if she wants him to stick to that kind of schedule and sacrifice his entire weekend every weekend then she probably will have to step up to the plate with his other son. She's able to do this now because her mother will give her free child care 2-3 days a week for the baby but if she ends things with her boyfriend, she's going to have to find a care situation available all weekend every weekend -and likely pay for it.

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