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After guys meet me in person they say im "not bad looking"?

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Listen, no one (neither men or women) on a dating site is going to continue to talk to a person that cries or only talks about how they get no respect from the opposite sex. There are too many other options and opportunities to meet someone that is in a healthy place in life to build something or at the very least, have some fun. One time, I met a guy for drinks. He cried about his ex gf. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't wait to get out of there. Of course, I was kind to him and said there is hope for him and to give it time. That is the truth and I meant it, but he lost his chance for a relationship with me. I blocked him. I am a good person, but I didn't care what he had going for him, being so emotional and showing that much on a first date is a major red flag. I was trying to find someone to date, not a project.


I think some guys, even though you told them you have had a hard time, in the past, still meet because, everyone on a dating site is trying to meet someone cool they can care about. If you are telling them this via messaging, they may not realize the extent of your insecurities. When they meet you, in person and you act like a loon, they do and say what they have to in order to get out of the situation. In today's society, we just never know who is dangerous and who just needs some help. They are going to block you because frankly (and I am sorry) they can't be bothered and they don't care. They don't know you. And what they do know is nutty. Do mistake a date for your friends.



The other thing is, the way you are acting is very immature. I mean really... do you want to be around someone so focused on their looks, that they ask you? And what are these guys supposed to do about previous guys' actions. Like many have said and I also posted earlier in this thread... you need to seek help. You are not ready for a relationship... Relationship take work and that includes working on yourself. Good luck. You can overcome this...

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