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“Best Friend”?


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Hi, I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my best friend and really need some advice. I have known my best friend, who I will nickname “Q”, for a year, but we haven’t been best friends for any longer than around... gosh I don’t even know! But it’s probably around 6 months. Now at school we used to be friends with quite a few other girls, but a few left and created their own group (“A”) and the rest were “B”, apart from me and Q who distanced ourselves. One of the girls from B used to be our close friend but she lost her friends because she was a liar, which is also why we ended our friendship. She would always talk about the girls from B and how much she hated them, but after me and Q exposed her lies, she went and became a part of their group. Then it was just me and Q, and another girl R who both of us were good friends with, but R was in another group. Last week, my knee was hurting and I was feeling weak (I’m anaemic and so is Q so she knew what was happening). I was sitting on the floor as my knees gave up on me, and instead of asking if I was okay, Q dumped me with her bags and went to talk to R. She then returned with the rest of B, and went to sit with them. She didn’t even look at me or tell me, just passed me and went to sit with them right behind me without inviting ME.


I got up and went to talk to some other friends, who were also victims of M(liar)’s lies. I told them and they were really confused, and said that I had to talk to her. I asked her if she was mad and she refused. Things just got worse from there. We were sitting alone at a table during lunch, when Q was invited to sit with group B. She didn’t refuse so that she could keep ME company, she left and told me that THEY wanted to sit with her, when she went up to THEM first. She doesn’t talk to me as much either. She was absent for a lesson and I kept her a seat next to me. I called her to sit down, she did but didn’t talk to me, she turned her back to me and said hi to everyone else. Once she was sick and went to Student Support. I went to check if she was okay but she wasn’t there. She was with group B sitting outside their class eating lunch. She doesn’t post much about me on her insta, but the people in group B. She has a group chat with them, which she invited me to for some reason, and doesn’t even talk to me on it. Today in dance class, she chose M over me when we were picking partners. “Oh we were partners first”. So you leave your best friend for a liar? A traitor? The girl who lied and got your BFF in trouble? Who was there to defend HER when she was in difficulty, WHO helped HER EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY? ME. NOT HER. NOT R. NOT GROUP A OR B. NONE OF THEM. I just can’t believe what’s happening. Before we were friends and Q started to dislike group A, she ganged up with them against me over WhatsApp. My cousin stole my phone and would mess up admins and type stupid rules in the description. I didn’t know how to deal with the situation so I took all the blame.


Then it got out of hand so I told them the truth but they didn’t believe me. I’m scared because I thought Q was better than this. We both talked to each other about personal problems which we could both relate to. We’re both from the same place, have asthma, same likes, dislikes, hobbies. I really thought I had someone who I could call my best friend again. My first one was my best friend of 3 years, until she made a new friend who bullied me and lied, and my “best friend of 3 years” chose her over me. I was bullied in my previous school too, and I still don’t know why. Some of the minor popular girls invited me to sit at their table in a class (they’re calm and we’re friends) but I refused. You know why? Because I was afraid they would change me, or say something and I won’t be able to fight back. Me, Q and M were in a fight at this time, but this was the same day she went to eat lunch with them, and so I didn’t want to discuss anything without Q. She also talks to B alot and when I walked up to her with one of the girls,she (q) said “I’ll tell you later”. I asked her what and she hesitated and said they were talking about Melanie Martinez’s album. Today she was talking to R and she asked her why she was just standing and not going to the library. Q replied with “oh I’m just waiting for M”. R told her she went inside and Q hurried to the entrance. I got fed up and said “bye then” and walked off. Q asked me where I was going and I said “nowhere” but walked away anyways. My friends (the ones I talked to) told me that q looked really pissed after I left, so I really don’t know. Anyways I’m sorry for taking up so much of your time but I would really appreciate it if you could assist me. What should I do? How should I act? She’s going to be absent from school tomorrow anyways so I think I’ll just see if I can talk to R or M because she’s being awfully nice recently, to all her ex-friends. Anyways thank you and sorry for making this so long haha. Bye!

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