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Buried Penis

Big b

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Instead of just a suggestion on an end result, here is advice on how to get to the end result: How about a consultation with a good dietician in order to train you in how to eat healthily as a lifestyle, not just a diet? You are clearly not a person who is happy with their size so do something about that size and take back your power.


In the meantime, as you slowly lose the weight (which is the best way to do it) take up Smackie's suggestion until you can do more.

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Well to be fair. The OPer has stated he’s never actually even been on a date.


So I think it’s safe to say this is an obscure issue he is concerned he may face in the future.


But he isn’t there yet so really and truly the only feasible goal within his reach is weight loss. That and working on social skills socializing with the opposite sex.


Gotta crawl before ya walk, my response was tongue and cheek because the question is obscure. He has never actually faced this issue.

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It would be best to consult a doctor. You may need medical and/or surgical intervention. At over twice a healthy weight, you need a checkup before beginning any diet/exercise regime. You may also need surgical intervention even after losing weight to restore normal abdominal dimensions and skin.

I am 29 years old, I'm overweight around 380lbs , I got a big belly.
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LOL some of you are funny, if any of you were overweight you would understand. I will say yes I did this to myself its my fault, but I'm trying to change things around. The main reason I brought this buried penis up is that when doing cardio, it weird feeling like ever few mins got to stop and readjust my short/pants... and iv notice the term "Morning Wood" when waking up in the mornings Iv stop having erections like I use too, im wondering if that could be a side effect of the penis issue

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Your heart is having to work harder than it was intended to due to the excess weight. So are your bones, your muscles, your circulation, you probably have feet or knee or back issues. That's probably why you no longer have "morning wood".


Losing the weight will help in all areas.


And no one thinks you need to lose all the weight today. I'm also trying to lose weight (albeit on a lesser scale, no pun intended) and I know it doesn't take 5 minutes or a week. Dedicate yourself to a healthier lifestyle and to taking a 30 minute walk each day. Slow weight loss is much more maintainable than crash dieting...and healthier.

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The fact that you're trying to make healthy changes is awesome! It takes a lot of perserverance, patience, drive, and guts to choose to get the weight off and keep on day by day till you reach your goals.


It's not easy, but it is very rewarding. You also learn a lot about yourself and how strong you can be. If those strengths aren't in place, you can always learn them.


I wish you the best with it all. You deserve to be healthy and happy.

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I also heard good advice once that working out doesn't always have to be an hour or two all at once. Sometimes people find that overwhelming or kick themselves if they don't do it every single day.


5 minutes here or 5 minutes there is still working out...as long as you're making the effort and as long as you're still trying. Do what you can.


Work out longer on the days you feel stronger, work out a little on the days you're having a bit more trouble. But keep going. It will all add up eventually.

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