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Thank you

I'm 11 weeks today roughly, super excited. 10 days until my dating scan. My aunt has already given my mum a bunch of things for baby (way too early) she's wanting to clear her own house out. Should've got my mum to hold if telling her lol.

A little anxious about how big this baby will be, my fiancee was 11lb I was a tiny 6lb4! Lol he's also 1'3" taller than me oops. Mood swings are decreasing thank goodness! I felt like a teenager again, it was horrible.

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Ok, it looks like the bleed is bleeding itself dry. Been more frequent but it's getting smaller. I've made it to 12 weeks yay!!

Doesn't look like I can post a pic via my phone.. But baby is looking healthy and happy. Now I've got to force myself back into a healthy Mindset. No more letting depression control me and my eating habits.

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I have a polyp growing in my cervix, which is causing bleeding. Finally have an answer as the bleed in uterus should have bled itself out by now. Sadly it does mean I'll bleed throughout but I have an answer. It isn't dangerous just annoying.


Ah least you know your buba is ok. :) Afterwards they can fix that.

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My consultant wants me on amitriptyline, that's gonna be fun... anyone have any experience with it?

Pregnancy is going well, starting to feel the odd flutters and movements

It's beginning to get harder to resist finding out the sex lol but gonna keep strong. Still thinking on boys names, doo fussy about names lol, we want unusual and unique. I'm the only person with my name (it's literally made up)..

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