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Found out yesterday my mom’s illness is fatal


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I’m very sorry to hear this Victoria. I know how close you two are.


I’m sure she has a great team taking care of her - just wanted to say quickly that if she has usual interstitial pneumonia/pulmonary fibrosis (sounds like it based on the imaging report), there are a number of treatments including two relatively new drugs that can slow progression. It’s hard to have hope with such a difficult diagnosis but there are a few options and I will hope that one of them helps your mom.

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Thank you so much everyone. ❤️. Right now I think I am still trying to process and in shock. Today my mom is telling my sibling and my step siblings. My step dad is a mess he already lost his first wife . My biological father doesn’t know I have to tell him. She told her sibling yesterday. Now it is just her cousins. She is one of the youngest cousins.


Thank- you for that information Sophie, if we can slow the progression that would be great. Do you I know the name of these drugs ?

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Well, I have my sibling I have no contact with my step siblings we were not raised together. I was already 27 when my mom married my step dad.

So sorry to hear of that heartbreaking news. Sounds like you have a large, supportive family, so that's a blessing for everyone to come together and help her during this difficult time.
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