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I'm not saying she shouldn't get to the bottom of this but because all of this can be explained for reasons other than cheating I think she can't jump to conclusions, especially while she's hormonal & not thinking straight. Paranoia is not a reason to give up on a relationship. A UTI is far more probable then an affair.


If the guy really didnt do anything wrong, and there's a good reason for blood in his underwear, he should tell the pregnant girlfriend what happened! The silence is deafening.

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The blood is very suspect.


it didn't somehow magically migrate from a boxer in the ring into his underwear, so please discount that ridiculous theory. It is also likely not a UTI.


Given what you have said about the lack of a sex life between you two now, and his odd explanation for the blood being there - my strong suspicion is that yes, he had sex with someone else while he was gone.

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If it was inside his underwear like where his butt hole would be located, it's possible he strained too hard taking a crap or has the beginnings of a hemorrhoid. And that is something no guy is going to admit to his GF or wife.

AND there are some guys who are not turned on having sex with a pregnant woman, of is worried about hurting the baby, even tho that's silly but some honestly do think that....he's probable not comfortable with it because a baby is in there!

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I don't feel good about this. I'm sorry. Even if his friend was having trouble with a break up, he shouldn't be leaving his pregnant girlfriend or spouse and disappearing until 3 am in the morning. Let's consider if you were not pregnant. I still don't think it warrants that late of a visit. Both of you don't have established patterns or routines in your relationship which leads me to wonder about communications and expectations. Maybe neither of you are very clear with each other from the start. This is a no no in all relationships.


I'm not going to address the underwear situation because it seems like a merry go round and we're all taking turns at guessing like it's an amusement park game. It's becoming a bit funny and this probably isn't a very funny situation for you.


I'd address it at the first level where his behaviours don't seem appropriate. It doesn't go beyond that to look suspicious. You're hurting yourself more in the process. Acknowledge the things you've seen but don't fall into a well speculating. If he doesn't want to admit it your next responsibility is to the baby (after yourself). Go in for a check up and speak to a doctor about your concerns. You should be tested for STDs. I'd strongly suggest you re-evaluate the relationship or at least protect yourself and the baby.

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