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I need help or advice


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So my childhood best friend's crush has a major crush on me. I am a guy, my best friend is a guy, and my best friend's crush is a girl


My best friend has had this crush for a while and he's almost like an obsessive exboyfriend trying to make things right. He's trying to get over her and be friends with her but he has large feelings for her but he messed up numerous chances with her and she wanted to be friends with him


I told his crush that we should remain friends until this situation dials down


Now she is furious with him for not understanding that she wants to date me and she's mainly because he keeps dropping the situation and doesn't want to deal with it


I have my ambition of finding potiental soulmates and she and I have good chemistry but we refuse to date because of his jealousy and how he could possibly drop us as friends altogether which I don't want that to happen.


What should I do? I'm unsure whether to give up on someone who has a big attraction towards me or lose a friend when trying. He's been putting up a front but I know how he feels and I don't want him to be hurt but I want to date her because she's right up my alley and even with this situation, she still wants to date me 100%

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