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Need advice over SnapChat Android content found on his phone


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My boyfriend deleted his snapchat account of his Galaxy S10 phone about 3 months ago. The camera roll for 'snapchat' on Android was in date order and his photos were quite old, however, with some suspicion on my behalf (bad I know), I went into his phone and found a picture of him sent last week, which was of him all dressed up.


The question I have is can a photo just appear in the "snapchat" photo gallery on Android, if it's not been sent on SnapChat? The photo had a date of August 19th which is a week last Monday, so to settle my mind and see if my partner is lying I would like to know if this photo could appear in the android snapchat gallery with the date August 19th if it has not been sent?

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Maybe he reinstated it to have a look through, posted a pic that maybe someone requested like "Hey you should post a pic of yourself on SC!", then shut it down again. But TBH what business is it of yours anyways. He should be able to choose to use social media anytime he wants. You invaded his privacy and that is a horrible thing to do behind his back jeee whiz!

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