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Hair Style on Dating Profiles

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Is this the actual language being used by women you know? Did they point at your stomach and say, "What a disgrace!"? Did they point at your jewelry and say, "Yuck! Conceited!"? If so, if this is your social circle, I'd consider expanding. I'd also question why you'd want such people to set you up with anyone they know, since odds are high that you'll be set up with someone who is, well, pretty awful.


Sad to say, those were the exact words, that's why they stuck to me so hard. You guys bring up great points about expanding my social circle. I think that's the whole problem, I've been circling around the same tired people. Exactly, why did they give me all these comments without actually doing something that will help me by giving me actual contacts, is a great question. Honestly, I never thought about the fact that the people they'd recommend, could be coming from the same mindset. So why I even kept pushing the subject with these people, that's on me, I should not have.

One thing you guys brought up was, to meet new people, outside of my circle, and not limit myself. I think that is extremely valuable advice.


I'll search for some Meetup events and start going over there, and other interests groups. Thanks, this is great advice.

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When multiple people in your social circle are commenting on your appearance, it's either because you don't fit very well into that social circle and they are trying to make you conform or you have some good honest friends who are actually trying to help you. Unfortunately, only you can figure out which is which. Either these people aren't really your tribe and you need to go make new friends and find where you do fit in better or some personal changes would be good for you.


When people say just be yourself, they don't mean be stagnant. Personal growth is important in every aspect of your life.

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