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Is he just playing a game or was he just flirting?


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So I sent a text saying “hey I just wanted to say that I love you! That is all.” With a heart emoji at the end to the guy I talked about in my last thread. It was copied and pasted from a text I had sent to a friend. I wanted to see his reaction to it, see if he would ignore it or say it back or if he’d maybe change the subject quickly. He replied with “poop” and “thought I replied lol” (referring to the last text I sent him) so I just said “disregard that last message” (the one where I said I love you) and he said “no lol” and then he replied with “I love you more” I was a little bit shook and I sent a heart and said “just felt like giving my love lol. Sorry if I’m weird.” Then “wyd” and then he goes “waiting for you to send a pic of that ass” with a smiley face. Was feeling a little relieved about his text before until he said that, then I’m just like welp. 🙄 (yes we are in our 20s so I know how childish this sounds) would you say something like that after telling someone you love them? Like he figured “hey I did her a favor and said it back, send me nudes?” Idk bruh I’m confused lol

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You are the one playing games, btw. Making up “tests” (when they don’t know they are being “tested”) to gauge someone’s reaction rather than having a mature conversation is a game.


(Oops - my post posted before I was done)


Games are really confusing and frustrating, I agree. Because people don’t always behave in ways we want or expect them to - and then what does that do to the test?!? Argh! And that’s what this post is about.


- you told him you loved him

- he tried to ignore it

- you didn’t like that answer so you called him on it

Now he’s in a tough spot. Now he has to either say “love you too” or have a big weird conversation over text about it. He decided not to go the monologue route and just be playful

Then he asked for nudes because it was all totally awkward and not at all what he wanted to talk about and he’d rather talk about sex than feelings


I agree that a relationship is not what he wants. My opinion stands from your last thread. I think he likes you as a person, cares about you, but does not want a relationship.

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This is the long distance friend who you fly to to hook up with occasionally. Is he married/in a relationship?. Perhaps the poop emoji says it all. He's a turd. But for whatever reason sexting this guy excites you. Why send copy/pasted spam? Maybe that's what the 💩 was about? You send nonsense, he sends nonsense and then you hookup now and then. Pure bliss.

I sent a text saying “hey I just wanted to say that I love you! That is all.”

He replied with “poop”

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