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Fighting bad every other day, feels like breakup every time


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Hi, hmm. I don't know where to start.


My wife, she is a wonderful person. She love me and I love her. But somehow that is not enough. You see, at rest, at our natural state. Somehow we oppose each other. Every thought, every decision, every word we say. We have difficulty getting by with each other each day even at daily things, even for deciding to have a meal together. We are unhappy. For a long time. Somehow everything changed straight after wedding.


It hurts to see her sad to see her cry when we fight. I wish she can find someone who will love her the way she wants and deserve. The marriage is tough, she didn't quit. But I did. I am pushing her away. I don't know why I do that. I don't know if it's because I'm hurting or I don't think I deserve her. I was mean when we fight really mean. I know if I'm mean enough maybe she will leave. So I chase her away because I wish she find someone that can give her what she deserves, what I can't.


We had fun when we were together. But we can't function as a unit. I sincerely wish her the best.

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I wouldn't run to break up or divorce asap, I mean, you got married because there must have been good things, right?


Counselling first, try to work things out. Give things a chance. It you've both given it your best shot and have tried counselling for at least 6 months and it's not working, then yes, you've got no option left but to file for divorce.

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