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Texting a girl for the first time!


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I'd text her now instead of texting us. Keep it simple: "What a treat when the bartender gives me the number of a woman I found intriguing five stools over. How's life in your world this evening? Oh, my name is SantaCruz, by the way. Yours?" And then, six texts later, ask her if she's free for a drink this weekend?


Or some such. Just say hi, basically. She didn't ask the bartender to give you her number for any reason save she found you intriguing and would like, you know, to say hi and very likely see you again.

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Why wait? Text now! Within reason of course such as not too early in the day nor too late in the evening.


What I would write: "Hi _____! Thanks for leaving your number with the bartender the other day (or night)! My name is _____. What is your name? When can you meet me for a drink or dinner? Thanks for texting back and letting me know when you're available (date / time / location)! I appreciate it. Take care." Something like that; warm and friendly while remaining polite and very respectful.


Remember, establish good friendship first. Get to know each others personalities and characters first. Take it slow! No hurry, no rush. Haste makes waste.

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I'd text her tomorrow. What's the hurry? Build the suspense a little. I'd say anything past tomorrow night is a bore (I wouldn't be interested). Anything tonight and you're a boytoy/too easy. That's just me.


I'd cut straight to it and call her (not text) either. Find out more about her in a phone call and ask her out if it feels good over the phone.

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Was the number for you or for him? Do you know her? How well do you know the bartender? How often do you frequent the place? Is she a call girl?

So this girl left her number with the bartender at this restaurant. After her and her friend left the bartender gave it to me.
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I'd find it refreshing and real if he texted "Hello Kat, my name is XXXX, bartender gave me your number, would you like to meet for a drink and bite to eat sometime this week when you're free? I'd like to know you."


Or something like that.


Keep it real, no cheesy lines or flowery compliments, too contrived imo. You've never even met her.


Cut to the chase and get her out in person.

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Scratching my head as to why the girl (woman?) would give her # to the Bartender instead of directly to you...


Could the Bartender be playing a cruel joke on you? Was the Bartender a man or woman? Did the girl who left the # look at you? Did you see her give the # to the Bartender.


Gotta think about all these things.

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