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Is he lying?


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Hi, I am really struggling at the moment & could do with some serious advice from both males & females. Really think male opinions would be very useful especially. Sorry in advance for the long paragraph. Basically I found that my boyfriend has been searching online for escorts. It has completely broke my heart because my first thought is that he has been cheating on me. He told me he hasn’t cheated that he never contacted them he just looks at the pics like how you would watch porn, but it has more of a turn on because you know it is more real. If that is the case it is still hurtful as it made me feel I do not do it for him but I can deal with it. Do you think his telling the truth? It gets worse though he went away with his friends for a night & he had searched for one that night & the next day searched how to get rid of scratches off his back. This is what has made me think he has cheated the most. He told me his friend ask him to search for one & it was his friend who went to one & also asked him to search about the scratches. I already know his friend is a cheat, a crappy person & does always want my boyfriend to do stuff for him but do you think his just using his friend as his cover? I do not remember him having scratches on his back when he come home but obviously I can not be certain as it was a few months ago & I only just found this info recently. Please give me your honest opinions. My heads all over the place & I don’t know what to believe. Feeling heartbroken at the thought that he might have cheated.

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