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Is this male colleague jealous?Hi all, I started at my new company about 5 mon

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Hi all,


I started at my new company about 5 months ago. When I started my new job (which is completely different from any of the jobs I had before), there was another guy (same age as me) who was starting as well. The management assigned me the smallest portfolio and he was assigned quite a large one. The difference is I had a few weeks training whereas he had none because there's no one available to train him. He's just trying to figure this out himself or by asking questions to others.


A few weeks ago, we got wind that there would be a new portfolio created as the company is setting up a new service. This new service would be the same as the services provided on the guy's portfolio, except for another type of clients thus requiring the set up of a new service line and portfolio. As I have a smaller portfolio than most, they assigned this new one to me as well.


A few days ago, a girl who has a rather large portfolio asked me to be her back-up for when she's off. The management prompted her to designate me as her back-up although there is another person who worked on this portfolio as well who could have assisted.


I understand that I have a smaller portfolio, so they are trying to fill in the gaps and utilize my capacity which is fine for me, obviously.


However, this new guy that started at the same time I did keeps asking:

1. Why didn't they assign the new service portfolio to him as it is ultimately the same service as the one provided by his service line.

2. Why was I designated as the back-up for the other girl when there's someone else who could have assisted as she worked on that portfolio?


To me, it's all about utilizing my capacity but he's questionning.


Is he jealous or am I being a bit paranoid?

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I don't know if jealousy is the right word, however I think he is right to question the motives of management if they haven't been transparent with him.


I would empathize and suggest that he speak to the manager to get clarity on why they did what they did.... you can explain what your perception of the situation is, however it's best that he follows up with them.


And if he is feeling like he can handle more responsibility, then he should definitely speak to his manager about that as well.

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