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Girlfriend Advice!! Help is appreciated


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I see your point of view but she likes to play the part of the one not trying to make me jealous when having questioned her and said how is that going to help our relationship but not only that anything in general is confusing.


It's called manipulation (may also be a form of gaslighting) and it seems to be working on you like a charm, sadly.


Good luck with that.

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Talk to people who are in long, healthy, satisfying relationships and they rarely say the glue that binds is a mutual appreciation for HBO and psychological thrillers. Getting along with someone's parents is great and all—but you know what's even better? Getting along with the person you're with.


I don't mean to be too flip here, but what you basically described is lifting weights and watching TV with someone who has sex with you, but whose deep core character you find suspect.


If you find all this drama interesting, or wondering what's behind it interesting, stay tuned and enjoy the show. She's not going to suddenly get a big group of friends that she's super tight with. She's 30. She'd have them by now, but for the time being she seems to be someone who moves through people at a high burn rate.


She sounds supremely bored to me, and you know what they say about boredom? It's an affliction only boring people suffer from.

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I think she is bored, she was previously in a 14 year relationship which didnÂ’t sound healthy and the consequences for sticking with a person for so long are still affecting her now. She gets bored easily I can tell mostly on the weekends when she has free time. I will play it by ear she understands my concerns with her.

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So I am pretty good at handling situations and reading them with my GF but I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar.


I have been seeing my GF for 8 months, we have a good sex life and get along most of the time. She is very sensitive to things I may do or say or even faces I make when I react to something she says/does and can go off in a funk just from my reaction... is this normal? She can be defensive and argue and create drama for her own problems, act like I did something to make her feel that way, when I haven't done anything to make her feel attacked when its her own problems nothing that I have done/said... she usually see's after the truth and apologises but not sure how much longer this can go on for, she will say she cant keep doing this when its her creating the issue.. ? Then apologise.

She doesn't have many friends and can have a hard time getting along with people from what I see but she is generally very caring and loving. She even tells me she feels weird just generally sometimes or tired and comes out in a funk and I feel like im some times trying to bring her up alot.


Any thoughts would be help full.



What you accept at the beginning, you end up with at the end.


Understanding her behaviour isn't really going to help you. It's unlikely to change. Your only move is to accept it, or move on.

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