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3 months after breakup and I'm wondering if I should reach out to my ex.


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My ex and I broke up almost three months ago. I did not want to end the relationship but ultimately respected his decision. I did not beg or insist. Since then, we have not been in communication except for two times. I reached out for his birthday and he reached out for my graduation. I still have feelings for him and miss him a lot. I never really thought I could reach out to him for any other reason because he broke up with me and figured that if he wanted to re initiate contact, he would. I was doing okay for the most part but last night he liked one of my old social media pictures and the thought that he might be missing me sometimes like I do too, makes me want to get in touch. I don't know if he would reach out in any other way because I have a feeling that he feels guilty about hurting my feelings by breaking up with me. I know that a lot of people would disagree but sometimes I think that I would rather do everything I could before fully turning the page. I would hate to wonder "what if" later on. Should I reach out to him eventually?

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No. As you said, if he wanted to re-connect with you he would.


He's probably just reminiscing as he looked through pictures. That doesn't mean he wants to get back with you. He knows where you are, and it was his decision to end the relationship. I think you DO need to turn the page and stop hanging on to hope.

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