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Has anyone lost 100 lbs?

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Yes. I play tennis five times a week and sometimes throw in some running. I also do very light weights. This is really important to burn fat and increase the firmness of your skin!


How did you find the motivation to start? Every time I start, and lose 20-40 lbs, I stop and then gain it back.

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How did you find the motivation to start? Every time I start, and lose 20-40 lbs, I stop and then gain it back.


Honestly, I was tired of looking in the mirror and seeing what I saw. I've always had issues with eating and food and my weight has been up and down all of my life. I know most people say that you cannot deprive yourself, but I have found that the best way for me is to completely cut certain things out. I basically tell myself that I have developed an allergy to wheat, grain, and refined sugar. I don't have an ability to stop once I start, so I simply cannot start to eat those things.

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I’m going on a program recommended to me by my Endocrinologist. I have over 100 pounds to lose.


The program is a lifestyle change and it’s about forming good habits. It’s called whole30


Basically you try it for 30 days.


You don’t weigh yourself except for the starting weight. Then weigh again on the 30 th day. You cut out all packaged and processed foods. You cut out dairy, wheat, carbohydrates, alcohol and all sugar.


You can eat fruit though.


You mainly eat vegetables and lean protein.


So people feel good after the 30 days.


You can do this program for life. After the first 30 days you can bring back some things.


It helps boost metabolism and get rid of toxins.


My endocrinologist told me his patients generally feel a lot healthier.


I’m giving it a try.

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Lost 50lbs within 2 months (not exeggerating) doing intermittent fasting ( started off only eating within a 4-6 hours time window and fasting the remaining 18/20 hours), five days a week (on the weekend Im more liberate with what and when I eat). Cut out carbs, grains and sugar for the most part - no more pasta, rice, bread, potatoes etc etc. Focusing on ketogenic foods (high in healthy fats), plenty of vegetables and fish/meat. I work out 2-4 times a week but most of my weight loss can definitely be attributed to Intermittent Fasting. Went from jeans size 12 to 6 super quick.


There is tons of advice and info about it on youtube, check it out. It really is the fastest and best way to lose weight, and to be of better health in general. Ive never looked and felt better ever since cutting out grains/carbs and fasting most of the day. I have since moved up to OMAD (one meal a day) five days a week, and can only recommend it.

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I haven't lost that much weight. I lost 15 pounds Easy, and kept it off, over a 2-3 month period. All I did was lower my food intake by about 30-40% .......specifically, I ate a smaller breakfast and skip lunch most of the time.


I noticed some people mentioned keto and wheat - gluten (most commercial bread) and fructose corn syrup are basically poison. Sugar is no good either. 4 years ago I was losing weight and almost died eating foods with that junk. Watch the documentary What's With Wheat? - it's an epidemic.

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At the end of the day the law of thermodynamics means you must expend more energy than you take in if you want to lose weight. Cutting carbs and increasing your protein and fat intake can help reduce the overall amount of calories you consume because they fill you up more quickly, take more energy to digest, and enable you to use energy more efficiently so you don’t need to eat as often.


It’s super important to be honest about ALL of the calories you consume... not just at meals but in between grazing, drinks, treats, etc... most people greatly underreport what they eat and drink and probably eat a lot more than they realize.


Adding a resistance training / muscle building component and lots of walking will help you be a more efficient calorie burning machine as well.


I’ve managed to stay the same size and weight for years now, despite going through peri menopause, by controlling my portions at meals... my largest portion being protein, then fats, then carbs. I also do intermittent fasting in a 10-14 or 8-16 hour window... and resistance high intensity workouts along with regular hiking. I also manage stress so I don’t stress eat and try and get enough sleep.

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How did you find the motivation to start? Every time I start, and lose 20-40 lbs, I stop and then gain it back.[/quote


I never had to lose weight except about 15 pounds of post-pregnancy weight but have friends who have. I recommend -for motivation purposes also -Weight Watchers. I know three people who successfully did gastric bypass and/or lap band where they had to lose significant amounts of weight.


I am also perimenopausal like someone else wrote and I have kept my weight maintained -always slim or thin - basically forever. So it's not the same as losing a lot of weight I know but here is what helps me.


Cardio every single day. I used to do 3-5 times a week for many years but more time than I do now (now, 31-35 minutes a day, back then closer to 45 at a time). I skip one day a year when I fast or if I am very sick -I mean very sick like a fever or, this year, post-emergency tooth extraction, doctor's orders not to do cardio for a few days. Here is what cardio every single day does for me - it reminds me to treat my body in a healthful way, it feels great mentally, it helps me stay in tune with how I'm feeling- how my digestive system feels and overall health. It makes me hydrate and motivates me to say hydrated. So, related to that is I now drink 10-12 glasses of water a day and other than some coffee the only other thing I drink is some sparkling water. No more soda including diet soda - maybe one or two diet sodas a year, down from several diet cokes a day in my teens and twenties, one a day in my 30s at least. Huge difference drinking more water and less soda - it helps me with portion control (I drink it between meals) and decreases carb cravings. Diet soda increased my carb cravings.


Portion control - I retrained myself to be attune to hunger cues/fullness cues after having an undiagnosed eating disorder in my teens/20s. So now I do not enjoy feeling overly full, I have a good idea of how much food and what type of food I need depending on time of day etc and I can tell when I am thirsty and not hungry and can tell when I feel like emotionally eating.


For me eating every 2-3 hours does not work -it makes me too focused on food, just like gum chewing used to. Instead I eat 3 solid meals, one snack at night (not big) and if I am hungry between meals I eat mindfully, not nibbling/grazing -I'll have a few nuts, a fig, a rice cake.


I eat sweets and ice cream every day. In moderation though. I personally try not to deprive myself because many years ago I set up this whole thing with extreme dieting where I would then rebel and eat stupid stuff in stupid amounts.


I've always been pretty darn disciplined and what motivates me is I like looking and feeling slim, in my 40s and 50s I started being irregular and I hate that feeling, I had a stroke after giving birth so I'm motivated to stay healthy to reduce my risk of a recurrence, and I want to be a good role model for my son who is 10 and so far has a great, solid, athletic physique and mostly a positive body image. I love food, I love looking forward to meals, and I can do that and be slim. I have heard intermittent fasting is good -I eat a snack around 10pm then eat again around 8 most days but fasting is not right for me. What is right is a small dinner and small snack. And regular bedtimes because sleep deprivation for me = carb craving.


I realize there's no one size fits all. Just figured I would share and wish you the best in losing the weight!!!

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