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Apologies for the long message!


So my ex and I have been together for 6 years. The first 3 were hard we were long distance and things got pretty toxic. He ended it and I was so broken. We spent 2 months apart and both grew as people. Anyway he got back in contact and we decided to give it another go.


It was perfect we literally didn't argue or anything and decided to move in. For about 2 years there was no drama or anything. We both had active social lives and travelled the world together. Then he got a new job. The new job was hard.

Everyone was a Jack the lad type. Always down the pub and Doug drugs. Needless to say my boyfriend got involved. It caused tension but we got thru it.


Then they started going away on long weekends doing loads of drugs and it just started becoming more frequent. Nights out were no longer a few drinks but all night and most of the next day. I wasn't happy about it but tried not to kick off too much. Weekends and that started becoming week day drinks and missing work.


Anyway the latest was his most recent trip away. On the Thursday I was the best thing ever to him. Him telling me how how loved me and I'm perfect etc etc. He went away and didn't bring a charger was not in contact and I admit I was in the wrong and completely lost it.


He got back Monday and was fuming. We kinds sorted it but he was so distant. On the Wednesday he asked me to leave and so he could have some space.


A week went by with little contact and then on Friday he ended it. He tells everyone how much he loves me and what not but he wants to be able to go out all night and not worry about me being upset. He wants to be on his own and just be.


I'm broken again. I don't know what to do. I miss the old him. I want to go back to travelling the world and laughing and being best friends.


Reading this back I know how this sounds but it's hard to convey how much of a great guy he really is but the last year I've just been loosing him piece by piece...


I can't eat or sleep. I've lost 22lb since the Wednesday I left.

I'm just really struggling.

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