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Losing weight and exam stress

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Can you lose weight because you are stressed about an exam ? When I started the year I had 48-49kg and now I am 45kg. I can't even remember the last time I was 45. It is not such a difference, but my height is like 1.68cm. I was always skinny and this is my gene, but I am just curious if my exam and stress can be the problem, because I am eating pretty healthy.


And also... can stress cause diarrhea and fatigue/vomit ? It happend to me few times this year among with my period, and also today. Looking at me right now with the bad feeling I have today caused by my period and stomach problems makes me feel even more panicked about my exam that is in 8 days. I can't imagine to feel like this in my final highschool exams.

To mention that when I have emotions I can't eat and I also might feel bad.

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Start drinking more fluids(water) and eating more and speak with your parents about this. They might be able to help you or take you to the doctor. Or just go to the doctor yourself. You'll have a third party to guide you (that is not your family) which might help. Not eating or drinking adequately is dangerous and affects memory, coordination and cognition especially during school/exam periods.


Take care of yourself and don't take your body forgranted. You only get one. Calm your mind and look for ways to deal with your stress. If you are purposely starving yourself of nutrients in response to stress, you do need to speak to a doctor and recognize/manage your stress triggers. Get rid of unhealthy influences that affect positive self-image also - all those magazines and avoid individuals who make you feel like you need to be skinny or other youth who tell you it's ok not to eat if you're stressed out. You have one life, one body. Don't let it get worse. I hope you feel better soon.

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Yes, definitely. Similar things happened to me. Also because my diet wasn't great when I was immersed in studying. What I would do is cut out all soda -including diet - increase water to 10-12 glasses a day and try to consume within an hour of a meal or between meals not at meals. Do not eat when you feel stressed and when you eat, slow down so you don't eat too fast from stress. Also try ginger tea with a little milk or a bit of artificial sweetener or sugar to taste -a bit. Cut down on caffeine and sugar to the extent possible. Good luck -you can do this!!

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Your BMI with the numbers you gave us is 15.9 - severely underweight. At such a low weight, you are at higher risk of many serious health problems, and your low weight could be the cause of the fatigue you are experiencing, as well as GI disturbances. I would strongly encourage you to see someone who can help you cope with stress in a way that allows you to continue to eat, as well as a physician who could recommend an ideal weight for you and give you strategies to get there.

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I’m just surprised you still get periods being so underweight!


You say you eat pretty healthy but then say when you have emotions you can’t eat and feel bad?

That does NOT equate to healthy eating and in fact not eating can lead to watery diarrhoea.

Fatigue is because your body is not getting the nutrients you need.


Yes stress can cause havoc in the body , but your exam is 8 days away. You lost that weight over 6 months , not just nearing exam time.

So what else has been going on? What emotions?

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