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Left for real reason

To nice

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I've been here years ago.


Here we go. My girlfriend moved in with her kids. Everything was going so good. We had an amazing vacation together. We talk non stop every day. I mean it was perfect I was so happy and she said it also many times


After having an great weekend away with the kids it turn for the worse very quick. It came down to a wedding a year away and I could give an answer if i could go right away with my work schedule. With in an hr she add alternative ideas who she could go with. It was an destination wedding a year away. We could have booked in the new year for Just a few hundred dollars more. But she could waited.


Of course I was up set and said if it was my friends wedding and you had to wait to see or couldn't go. I said I wouldn't go without you. It put me in a bad mood for a few days. I work away so for me voicing my opinion on it she said I was controlling never in my life have I ever been called that


Next thing it was her birthday a few days later. Because of the disagreement I wasn't invited out. She said it was only girls night out. Come to find out there was boyfriends and husbands there. I was left at home on her birthday. So I was upset again and then she called me controlling.



The day I left to go to work and getting on my second flight she texted me and said she was moving out. She called me immature and controlling. No matter what I said I couldn't convince her to stay.


No the worst part is I truly loved her and still do. She left and with the kids. I'm having such a hard time with because I'm not that person she claims I am. Just like that she was gone. No I know she had a rough go with realationship but I shouldn't be put in the same category as them.


I really do love her and wish she would just talk to me

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