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Please help, I'm unsure with what to do.


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Good afternoon all.

So I'm male 25 and my partner of nearly 5 years is 21, we have 3 young children together and things was slacking in the bedroom but also we wasn't close anymore we tried new things like a date night once every 2 weeks we get a baby sitter in and we go off by ourselves this helped but felt like something was still missing. Then just over a week ago we spoke about sex fantasy ect. I told her I liked the idea of her getting chatty and flirty with another guy then when we are in the bedroom quotes things in my ear of what you have been saying to each other through chat. I know it's strange I don't understand it but it is what it is. Firstly she was very unsure about the idea then we tried it she signed upto a kinda flirt app and started speaking to someone it was great the sex was brilliant we became so close it was amazing until now where she's constantly hiding her phone and won't let me look at anything but don't give me a reason why, is it time to knock this on the head or is there something more behind it do you think.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Communication is key. When you do play out a fantasy you must set boundaries, such as not taking the activity away and doing it privately or with someone else. Have open discussions regularly about it and other things too to keep your marriage healthy and on track.

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