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I have a panel interview

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Hate those, very nerve wracking. However always did better than expected. Let each panelist ask their question. Make eye contact and answer it directly to that panelist but do scan and acknowledge the others when answering. Do homework on the company.

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I have been on the opposite side as in the interviewer.

And as an interviewer there are no tips.

You either know your stuff or you don’t.


Knowing the company is irrelevant. Knowing the job role is.

Experience in a similar role is key.


An employer is obliged to interview you if the essential criteria is met on your application.

It doesn’t mean they want to interview you though.


If you are best fit for the job, they will hire you.

If you aren’t they won’t. It’s as simple as that.


The only tip that’s worthy is that you go in there thinking they could do with you on board. And that the interview is all about that not them selecting. Good luck!

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1. When you are talking/answering questions, remember to glance at everyone... don't just focus on one person the whole time

2. Bring enough copies of your resume, cover letters, or other important paperwork that you might need so that everyone can have their own

3. Always prepare questions for yourself to ask at the end of the interview. The more prepared you appear, the more confidence you exude

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