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Why I does he stare?


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There’s this guy at my work , that we have been kind of pursuing each other.trying to talk to each other any chance we get. Yesterday he was walking by the room I was in, and at literally stared at me the whole time while walking by. i believe he’s interested in me. What does it mean. We conversed a lil bit in the room and I flirted with him a lil bit before we both said have a good weekend. I just don’t know what to make and of it. There was another time in church and he stared at me from a pew for a long time. I’m very much into him but I’m afraid of getting hurt or not feeling good enough for him. Any suggestions? Also a friend of ours suggested to him that I would be a great girl for him. Thanks

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There was another time in church and he stared at me from a pew for a long time.



How do you know this? That he was staring at you?


Do you have eyes in the back or side of your head or something? Lol


Could it be you were the one staring at him, he sensed it so looked over to see if you were?


Otherwise how would you know he was staring? Think about it.


These "staring" threads crack me up, seriously there are so many things it could be, like FIO said.


I suggest since you like the dude, stop staring at him, or believing he's staring at you, and ask him out.


That is the ONLY way to determine if a guy is into you.

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Eye contact typically indicates interest. People really don't look at things they don't like.


I mean think about the last time you were walking down the street and made eye contact with someone you found unattractive. You likely looked away immediately and somewhat dismissively. It's only natural to do so, of course, and usually happens unconsciously.


Talk to the guy and see if he makes an effort to hold a conversation with you. Speculating about him staring won't move the situation along.

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If you're interested in him, ask him to meet you for coffee. The worst he can do is decline. If he's receptive to coffee, gradually establish a good acquaintance, then friendship and see how it goes. Take it slow though. Get to know a person first before getting your emotions involved otherwise you'll live to regret it. Tread lightly and never let your guard down.

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