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I'm not free to be me


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Why not? What will happen?


I want to know this too!

Is it that you are not allowed to participate or that he suggests something else to do?

What happens if you say it’s fine if you don’t want to go , I’m happy to go alone or take a friend?

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Leave him. He's not your prison guard or parole officer unless you let him be that in your life. Unless this is a BDSM thing, why are you participating in this nonsense..

Everything I do has to include my boyfriend.. if he doesn't approve. I can't participate.
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Why are you allowing him to dictate what you do and don't do? You're not his slave. I also would like to know what happens if you "disobey" him. Based on reading what you wrote, he sounds controlling, disrespectful and manipulative. Red flag!!! Not a good situation at all. How long have you been in this relationship? Was he always like this?

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