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Is my Personal Trainer into me?


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I started training in February and I get along with my PT really well.

We enjoy chats and I now do 2 sessions a week with him and it’s great, albeit hard work in regards to working out!

He makes a lot of eye contact and flirts a lot but I know he has a girlfriend and they’ve recently put an offer in on a house.

Sometimes he’ll talk about her, other times he won’t.

I get these vibes from him like he wants to say things but stops himself.

We text occasionally and I think we really like each other.

I have depression and he knows this so he could just be trying to get in my head you know?

He likes to think he can get me ‘out’ of it so is interested in how I can get better etc.

Am I confused?

Is he?

What do I do? If anything?

I also live with my partner at the min but I’m saving up to move out on my own.

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