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Varicose veins scars

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Guys,anyone had varicose vein surgery?I had and I regret for the choice of clinic.It was used stripping method and nobody explained me anything.Now instead of veins I have 7 scars.On internet there is not much about these scars.Anyone knows what to do with scars?And how long it takes to heal scars?There is nothing much on internet.

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My mother had varicose veins removed 30 years ago.

60 stitches in one leg.

No scars.


How long ago did you have the procedure?

And are you aware that your skin regenerates every 100 days roughly!


So if less than 3 months ago I would not be concerned yet?

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Dear Billie28,thank you for your answer.You calmed me down a bit now.I didn't know that for 100 days,I had surgery 2 months ago.Bruising disappeared but wholes from where veins were taken out are still very red.What makes me angry is that I was told that it is laser method with no scars,but actually I got them.After surgery doctor didn't even talk to me and for controls just nurses talked to me with no information about anything.

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As far as I read online,this method which they did me,it is not used anymore bcs of scarring.So there is nothing much about such scars.I was stupid for not researching more.Really in this world,just to pray God never to need for help of any doctor.

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