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I want to ask a girl out.


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My name is Evan, and I’m 17. I asked a girl out for the first time half a year ago. She rejected me. She is religious and I am not. She also claimed to be into someone else. Ever since, we’ve been really good friends. I got over it fast, because I felt like it would be smart to not stress over something I can’t control. I would go as far to say that she is my best, girl, friend (all of my friends are guys though). She tries to push me to ask this other girl I have been sort of crushing on that lives 20 minutes away, but I always tell her that I’m shy and she lives far away. She has been telling my about this guy she has a crush on for a while too. Yesterday I found out that she was messaging my best friend saying that she likes me, and saying no to me was a huge mistake and that I have already moved on. My friend said that he would talk to me, and he did. I don’t know how to ask her out. I’m shy, and still have doubts that she was joking to my friend, because she kept responding to Snapchat stories where I was kind of being an embarrassing goof. It’s not that I’m not confident in how I look, it’s that I don’t know how to approach her and phase out of the friend zone. I don’t know how to have a first kiss. I don’t know when to hug her, or how often we should hang out. I know I will never know until it starts, because every relationship is different. But I don’t know. How can I ask her out while addressing that I was told she likes me, while also not fully throwing myself out there again, because she could have been joking around. And ahfibsgsjahabafuabq. Thanks for your time, I can’t sleep. Please respond.


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She is an amazingly nice and kind person. Just want that to be clear. I don’t want to wait for her to ask me out, because I’ve seen the texts she’s been sending, and I don’t think she will ask me out. Plus I’m not the smoothest guy ever lol

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You already asked her out and she turned you down before. In my opinion, it is her responsibility to make a move and let you know that things have changed and she is now interested. Don't start chasing her based on word of mouth. Give her clear signals of interest, but at this point the ball is in her court.

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Do not let her triangulate (talk to your friend hoping he will talk to you). if she feels she made a mistake, she will tell you herself - don't accept any second or third hand information. Afterall, your friend could be lying and telling you that she thinks it was a mistake to make you feel better. Or could have baited her for the answer.

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She may be struggling in wanting to go out with you but only wanting to date religious people. You should probably find someone more compatible.


If you are friends though, wouldn't it be better to just talk to her rather than trying to talk through a third party?

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