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This would be my 5 year annivesary today

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Haven't been here in a while, so today 31st May would have been my 5 year anniversary, still struggling a bit emotionally and mentally but its going much better than last year this time.


Still think about her, still missing the life I created with her, built my world around her just to have it destroyed within months...


My daughter seems to be doing okay, she got into a school for next year, I'm so proud of her, she knows her mom and dad were once a happily married couple, I always tell her you the only piece of your mom I have left that I can say I love you and I get love you too back, she in fact is the only reminder of the marriage...


I dont see myself with my ex anytime soon, maybe a couple of years from now who knows right?


Guess I'm a bit emotional because of today... Hope everyone is good though...

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“ I always tell her you the only piece of your mom I have left ”


Why would you say that to your daughter???

Do you realise the pressure that puts on your daughter no matter how old or young she is??

Please stop doing that!!!!


Would have been your anniversary but it’s NOT!

You need to actually come to terms with that and stop basically telling your daughter that it’s her mothers fault.

Relationships break down , people have affairs , whatever. But if the relationship was solid from the get go , it would survive whatever is thrown at it.

Stop telling your daughter bs.

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If you have a job that has an EAP (Empolyee assistance program), you should look into it. Your company can possibly provide you with free or cheap counseling sessions and no it doesnt have to be about work issues, it could be issues that may affect your work. This is why companies offer such programs.


Please look into it, if they dont have an EAP program, then maybe your health insurance has options for you. Either way, you need to talk to a professional about what you are dealing with. Dont diagnose and try to treat it on your own. Talk to someone.

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